Tuesday, 4 January 2011

VFF premiere

I started my day with an hour of home yoga. I knew that I was going to be sitting in a meeting the whole day, so I had to get in my exercise in advance. It takes a couple of hours for my body to soften up in the morning, so some poses felt more difficult than last time.

I walked to my meeting in my old Sauconys, but with my new Five Fingers in my backpack. I had planned on sneaking out unnoticed after my meeting and walking home in them. I thought it would have gotten dark by the time the meeting was over. As cool as I think they look, I am aware that most people think they look silly and might throw rotten vegetables at me if they saw me. Or at least point and laugh.

My calculations were wrong. It was still daylight when we wrapped up. I couldn't sneak out either; my colleague saw me putting on my VFFs, then my boss walked past and saw them on my feet, then proceeded to point them out to someone else, who then called out to her colleagues to come and have a look at the spectacle.

My plan to sneak out unnoticed had been thwarted.

I stood there
in front of 6 amused people, answering questions about my choice of footwear. A couple of people were laughing, possibly at my feet. I laughed along with them; after all, the VFFs are not exactly beautiful. Ape-feet (COOL ape-feet) is how I think of them.

I finally managed to slip away, the sound of laughter still ringing in my ears. I walked home in the snow. My feet did not make a sound. What's even better, they did not hurt. It was a bit too cold for them, though. Not frostbite-cold, but tingly-cold. I felt like a child, walking barefoot. I could feel every little pebble, every unevenness in the snow-covered ground. I walked for a total for 1,5 km. I didn't feel any strain in my feet, but it might come tomorrow.

Some good news I got today was that my Wednesdays off start next week, hence my swimming does too. I just need to get a one-piece swimsuit. I'm really looking forward to it!

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