Friday, 14 January 2011


What a strange week it's been. First I get sick with stomach flu and have to rest for several days, then Wednesday to Friday have been packed with activities. Like I'm compensating. As I wrote before, I went swimming Wednesday morning. In the evening, I went climbing. Then yesterday I went for a walk in my VFFs and later did an hour of yoga. And then today, I ran home from work.

Wait, back up. I should be using capital letters: I RAN home from work. Last time I used my legs to get home from work was over a week ago, when I struggled through new, unploughed snow - but I wouldn't call that running. Today, not only did I get a sense of getting in a nice flow, not only did I work on my technique (though not all the time - it's still too hard), but I ENJOYED IT. And I ran 7,5 km. I haven't run this far in over a month.

It's very possible that I'm getting a bit careless and cocky now that I know I don't have plantar fasciitis. It's also possible that I'll end up regretting this. But today was the first time in a long while that my joy of running was back. Breathing felt easier. Legs felt lighter. And my foot did not complain a single time.

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