Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday climbing

After a day's rest, I desperately wanted to get some exercise. Like almost every Sunday, we went wall climbing.

Lately both J (my husband) and I have felt that we haven't been making any progress at climbing. He was stuck on 6A level and I on 6B. Today, however, something happened. J flew up a 6B and I made considerable progress on an overhang 6A that I've been failing at for months. I didn't climb it in one go - in fact I had to take a break about 15 times - but I did climb it.

Before going to the climbing gym we also got ourselves a balance board, which will hopefully not only help with balance, but also with foot strength. I also bought some toesocks, to go into my VFFs so that my feet don't freeze so much. I'm planning on putting them to good use later, when we go for a walk in the woods. That is to say, if we can go for a walk. Last night's rain has turned snow into ice and I suspect that putting spikes on my VFFs might be missing the point.

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