Saturday, 29 January 2011

Long run

Even though I wrote my name on the list of participants for today's long run a week ago, until this morning I wasn't sure my foot was up to it. There is no logic to the pain. Some days it hurts, some days it doesn't, and it has nothing to do - as far as I can tell - with running.

12 eager runners defied the cold wind and cloudy skies and showed up today. Most of us had run with the group before, and it was nice to both see familiar faces and meet new people. The group held together and Therese kept an eye on us, so that no one got left behind. Christian and Nick who ran at the front of the group kept an average of 5:40 min/km, which seemed to be good for everyone today.

I had a strange feeling in my foot sporadically, not so much pain as a gentle tug. There was no explanation for it, such as the conditions on the ground. Like I said, no logic. I had planned on running maybe 14-15 km, so when we got back to the start after 12 km and the others went on to run another round, I looked for the 2,5 km path. Unfortunately, it was an ice rink there. So instead of risking breaking a leg, I got in the car and drove home to give my aching foot an ice bath. I love the tingling sensation as warmth returns to my toes afterwards.

The rest of the day will probably be spent in a horizontal position, enjoying my book and the giant chocolate muffin that J was kind enough to buy for me, to cater for my calorific needs. Hurrah for Saturdays!

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  1. Well done and interesting to read a report about today :) I guess my foot is in a quite similar condision.

    I'm sure you enjoy the rest of the day now! :)