Saturday, 22 January 2011

Strength in numbers

I couldn't stay indoors on a day like this, with a pale sun breaking through the mist. I drove to Skatås to join our running group, planning on stopping after 10 km. I had missed the camaraderie that is naturally created when people with a common interest meet. Camaraderie in this case means nerding out on run talk. But we like it.

We met at 10. It was chilly but the beauty of the frost-decorated trees and the warmth of sunlight more than made up for it. We knew that more people would join us than ever before, but we never expected that we'd end up being a group of 17.

A few seconds after I took this photo, a small group of roe deer ran across the path. Once again I was reminded of how lucky I am to live in a city that's alive with wildlife, so close to nature that moose find their way down town. Although that is maybe not to the moose's best interest...

Karin and Alex, among others.

After some small talk while waiting for everyone to show up, we headed out on the 8 km path. The speed was maybe a bit higher than I had anticipated (around 5:30 min/km) but it didn't feel impossible. Not at first in any case. I talked to a few people while running, among others Therese and Karin, which always makes the kilometres pass by unnoticed.

We ran around the lake while the mist slowly lifted from it, gracing us with a beautiful view. It was a typical winter morning; a couple of degrees below zero, a struggling sun, something in the air reminding us that spring is on its way.

I was a bit too slow for the group towards the end of the run,
but I did get to take this lovely photo of their backs!

After 12 km the group had come back to where we started from, and was to continue running. I left them to head back to the car, satisfied with my "long" run. It was ages ago I ran this far. When I got home, I gave my feet an ice bath and applied Voltaren on my left foot's sore area. Thanks to running with the group, I ran faster than I otherwise would have done. No speed record for me, but still nice to push the limits a bit!

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