Saturday, 15 January 2011

Blog changes its title, not its spots

I have now changed the title of the blog to one that better represents where my training is heading. I am no longer training for Stockholm Marathon, or at least not for this year's event.

This blog started off as a way for me to keep track of my training, and document the journey towards Stockholm Marathon. Since then it's grown to encompass other training because of my foot injury, hopefully without losing its focus on running. Because that is an accurate description of how my training is in real life: my focus is still on running, but I do do other activities.

So now the title of this blog is ”Running for life”. It's a title that I've toyed with before, in the days before I entered Stockholm Marathon and it became the main goal with my training. I like this title, because of its double meaning: that I want to keep running all my life, and that running gives this life better quality in so, so many ways. It's a broader title, because running for me is a lifestyle and not the means to a single goal.

A little late in the day to be formulating New Year's goals perhaps, seeing as the first month of the year is already half gone, but a few running-related things that I would like to accomplish in 2011:

  • Be healthy and injury free
  • Improve my running technique
  • Eventually start running in my Five Fingers
  • Increase the training amount back to 200 km per month, but be smarter about it and not rush into it
  • Run a couple of races for kicks, one of which Prinsens Minne half-marathon (loved it last year)
  • Keep up the alternative training, build an all-around stronger body. I'm more than just my legs.
  • Do some ”adventure” runs with my running buddies. Alingsås – Gothenburg in the summer, for instance.

Long-term goals:

  • Do a triathlon (ahoy!)
  • Run a marathon
  • Keep running!

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