Monday, 3 January 2011

Back to run commuting, back to training for the Marathon

After a week off doing fun stuff, it was back to work this morning. I really enjoyed having the time to be more active. In a way, having a foot injury gave me the nudge I needed to try out other activities. Nothing beats running for me. Still, it was nice with a change of scenery. Not to mention beneficial.

I ran home from work trying to think about technique. My pulse was not as high today, which gave me hope that I'll soon get back to the stamina level I had before my injury. I finally spoke to my physiotherapist and booked an appointment for next Wednesday.

This means, of course, that I won't be able to get an answer regarding how long recovery is going to take before the Marathon deadline on Saturday. I decided to risk it and go for it, and hope that I can somehow compensate for the lost running sessions by doing alternative training. Good thing my finishing time expectations are low.

I love being active
. I can't imagine my life without exercise, just like I can't imagine life without oxygen. I've fallen for different sports over the years. I've had a wonderful year of dancing salsa, two years of getting nowhere at the gym (but loving it anyway), and now three years of injury-plagued, on again - off again running. Three months ago I took up climbing, and next week I'm starting swimming. I might even give yoga another go. If only this pesky having-to-make-a-living thing didn't take up so much of my time...

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