Sunday, 23 January 2011

Busy Sunday

Today, as we do every Sunday, we went climbing. The place was empty when we got there, but it was soon filled by other climbers, first-timers and...children. A family of 4 was there; the dad and the older girl climbed. The mom and the 2-year old did not. The 2-year old, however, spent the best part of one hour crying, screaming and making her mom chase her around the gym. What was the point of this family outing? Why didn't the mom take the toddler to a playground instead? Why irritate and distract everyone else in the gym?

Climbing went well. No new routes were conquered, but I did have a bit of fun on a 6b+. I would have managed to climb the whole way, if only I'd had wings. Towards the end of the session I felt weak, as if yesterday's tiredness was catching up with me. On our drive home, though, the sun was shining and I couldn't resist dragging along J for a short, easy jog to lap up some vitamin D.

While I was stretching afterwards, I suddenly realised that it was the third day in a row I'd been out running. Foot feels ok, still sore to the touch but I can walk and run without a problem. But wasn't I supposed to be smart about this? Within the past week I've run 37 km, about 30 more than my average has been for the last month. Way to go. So my plan to run commute from work tomorrow will have to be postponed. Instead I'll walk home in my VFFs.

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  1. Härligt att se att foten håller! :D

    Vintersol ger kraft och ny energi!