Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bad snow!

It isn't fun to stumble in fresh, unploughed snow, while icy snowflakes carried by strong headwind whip you mercilessly in the face. I almost started this post by writing that I hated running from work today, but the thing is: I wasn't running. I was jumping, I was stumbling, I was slipping, I was swearing, but I wasn't running.

I certainly wasn't thinking about posture, or technique, or any of those things that are supposed to do my foot good. I was just concentrating on staying upright.

I managed to get home after 5 km and just over half an hour, and even did some technique drills. My pulse was surprisingly lower than last time, especially considering how often I had to jump in order to be able to move forward. Then again, speed was much lower as well.

They say that the only bad training is the one that you miss. So I suppose this session gave me something. It gave me strength, physical and -mainly- mental. I did go out for a run in this miserable weather, after all. Next time it'll be easier.

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