Saturday, 8 January 2011

Oh, there's my motivation!

After my friend Cath virtually twisted my arm on Facebook last night by promising that a swimming session would bring on a torrent of endorphins to get me out of my funk, I thought I'd risk facing the Saturday crowds and go swimming. Ok, I might have made up the part about Cath twisting my arm. But she did give me a firm nudge in the right direction.

I was there a few minutes before opening time, only to see a long queue consisting of small children (and their parents) waiting to get inside. Horror scenarios of screaming, splashing, peeing small trolls in the 50-metre long pool went through my head. I mean, some of these children were in diapers. When I got to the counter, however, the clerk assured me that most of them would be going to the adventure swimming pool next door.

She was right
. The swimming pool was almost deserted and a smile finally found its' way to my face. I started slowly and increased the intensity after a couple hundred metres, switching between badly executed swimming strokes. Regrettably, more and more people (and their children) started dropping in. I kept bumping into other swimmers and getting water into my eyes from the cannon balling kids at the shallow end of the pool. When there were so many people in the pool that I couldn't move without giving someone a black eye, I decided to call it a day.

Problem was that I'd lost count of how many lengths I had swum. I figured it was between 800 and 900 metres. They took me approximately 45 minutes. New swimming distance record for me! That's going to hurt tomorrow...

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