Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I love pleasant surprises

It was supposed to be a rest day yesterday, and I was going to drive to work, but J needed the car. Which forced me, FORCED ME I tell you, to run commute home. What a happy turn of events.

Ice covered the pavements but I had spikes on my shoes. After some initial awkward moments of trying to figure out how good a grip my spikes had on the ice, I found a very easy pace I was comfortable with. I even tried to implement the right technique, though it was hard to do that and try not to fall on my butt at the same time. You could definitely hear me coming, in any case, what with my spikes clicking and clacking. It was a discrete way to let others know of my presence, but still sounded like a jet plane in comparison to my ninja-stealth VFFs.

As a result of my super slow pace, my pulse was relatively low. I let myself observe my surroundings. I was running in the dark, with the full moon lighting my way. It was by far the easiest session in months, and a very enjoyable at that. A hundred metres from my door I had passed the 5 km mark, so I stopped and did some running drills instead.

It left me longing for more, so I'm heading out for a run in the woods in a while. Tonight, climbing. It will also be very interesting to see if the latest issue of Runner's World arrives in my mailbox today, seeing as everyone else seems to have gotten theirs by now...

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