Saturday, 4 December 2010

Gasp! Saturday morning without a long run!

Saturday mornings are usually reserved for long runs. I head out around 8-9 and run a couple of hours. Then I get home and rest a while. It takes the best part of the morning and still leaves me time to do other things in the evening.

Today is different, as there is no running planned. Instead, I am using this time to *shudder* do my Christmas shopping. I love Christmas but I hate shopping, especially the Christmas kind. Husband and I don't usually buy Christmas presents for each other. We either buy something together that we both want (like an espresso machine) or we just skip it. I suppose we're unusual. We're both very practical people and we don't like buying things just for the sake of it. If we need something, we buy it ourselves.

Don't get me wrong. Giving gifts can be an amazing gesture. Just yesterday I was given a small gift by a colleague, which maybe didn't cost much - but the thought behind it almost moved me to tears and made me a richer person. What I mean is that people often buy gifts because they have to, and not because they want to. It leads to the Christmas hysteria we witness every year, when people rush around like maniacs, stressed, because they believe that if they don't spend a lot of money on gifts, Christmas is going to suck. Not so my friends. Spend time with your friends and families instead. It's the best gift in the world.

So why am I going to town for shopping, on a Saturday, a couple of weeks before Christmas? Aren't I the hypocrite?

There are a few things I need to do there that I can't postpone, like paying the hairdresser, who forgot to charge me the full amount when I went in for a trim the other day. Then I have to buy a couple of presents for my parents, who are coming over for the holidays. We haven't spent Christmas together in over 10 years, other family obligations or studies always getting in the way, so this is something I am really looking forward to. I'm getting them some things that I know they will like.

Then, to recover from all the Christmas shopping, I'm meeting up with some friends for coffee. Something tells me that I won't miss my long run in their company!

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