Monday, 13 December 2010

Oh running, I'll never take you for granted again

My foot felt fine this morning. I had taped it the night before. There was no pain, just some stiffness. So I packed my running clothes in my bag and got a lift to work.

During the day, my foot sent me mixed signals. I thought I felt something a couple of times, but then I'd start walking and it'd feel OK. So I ran home after work, all the while listening for signals that my body might be sending me. 5,5 km later I got home having felt nothing but a mild ache right at the beginning of my run. I stretched with particular emphasis on my feet. Then I made the mistake of touching the arch of my foot, towards the heel. Verdict: sore.

It's not so painful as to not be able to walk, but there's definitely something there when I touch it. I understand that I might not be able to run any long runs in the coming weeks, but not even 5 km? This is bad...

I want to challenge myself a little bit everyday. But my foot won't let me.
Pretty illustration by Alex Noriega.

So how will I know when to ignore the pain (because it might only be in my head - I am kind of a hypochondriac when it comes to running) and when to listen to my body? Common sense says it's better to rest now, to ensure that I can keep running for many many years. But how will I balance that with the need to go running today?


  1. usch jag förstår att det är trist att foten gör ont, men jag håller tummarna för att den "konstiga" smärtan försvinner fort. Ta det lugnt resten av året (SHIIIIIT det ÄR snart 2011), så kommer du vara fit for fight igen efter nyår.
    Med ta det lugnt menar jag inte att du behöver ligga på sofflocket, men kanske inga 50 km-lopp ;)

  2. Tack Karin! Just nu kan jag knappt gå på promenad, så jag måste försöka låta min fot läka ordentligt. Men det är svårt :-/