Friday, 3 December 2010

I want adventure!

I wrote yesterday that I have accepted the fact that I need to rest until I get better. Problem is that there's nothing wrong with my brain (although I'm sure some people would disagree). It's been working full time reminding me how fun it is to run. Especially long. If I can't go running, at least I want to plan the next great adventure.

It doesn't help that Miranda has been writing about the long run that they have planned for this weekend. 45-50 km, from Jönköping to Visingsö, followed by dinner. It sounds like such an amazing adventure, I wish I could join them.

A lot of people do their running indoors on a treadmill during the winter months. It means that there are fewer people willing to brave the elements running for several hours. It's harder to find others to plan new adventures with. Most want to wait until spring. I agree that it's more fun to run when all the snow has thawed and nature is a festive green again...but I can't wait until then. I want to run long, to see new places, to cover new ground. I want to run on snow, to see the moose I missed last time, to smell the pines. I want to run through villages, to see some rivers. I want adventure!

PS. Mia has written about Saturday's adventure here. You can also find Johan B's account of it here.


  1. I love running year round. It is so peaceful to run in the snow and to hear the stillness of the trees and nature and your sneakers crunching in the fresh powder... Get well soon!

  2. Thanks D! Yeah, I love it too...I think treadmills are so boring by comparison. You run and you run but you never get anywhere ;)