Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The less glamorous side of running

As if there is a glamorous side.

After more than a week of rest, I felt healthy enough to run home from work. I left work in the dark looking like a Christmas tree, with my reflective vest and blinking lights on. Safety first.

I jogged at an easy pace, partly because I didn't know how icy the pavement was and partly because I didn't dare run faster so soon after my illness.

Even the ducks think it's slippery.

I drooled like a Pavlovian dog, not so much at the prospect of struggling through snow, but because I used Lungplus, a device you put in your mouth that's meant to turn cold air into nice, warm air. It's supposed to make it easier to breathe when it's cold in other words, and hopefully contribute to your throat and lungs' continued good health. Only downside is the aforementioned drooling.

It was 7 km of pure happiness.

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