Thursday, 30 December 2010

The importance of being humble

Ache-free? Did I really write that I was ache-free after my yoga session yesterday? And that swimming didn't hurt?

Well, that'll teach me to be cocky.

I woke up at 5, because my shoulders were screaming in agony. I made some futile attempts to go back to sleep, but no matter how I tossed and turned the pain remained. And not just in my shoulders; my abs and my back hurt too. Surprisingly NOT joining this choir of lovely misery: my foot, that feels better this morning than it has done for several days.

Last night I met up with my running buddy at a gym in town for some practical technique tips. He's participated in some Pose seminars and is an advocate for barefoot running, so I was really interested in finding out what he thought about my running style and how I could make it better. Not to mention that I wanted to find out more about barefoot running from a "real" person.

Predictably my style needed to get better. A video analysis showed my mistakes. My feet should land under my body, and I should try to lift my legs faster. I have to also try and increase my cadence, and lean forwards more. My "coach" showed me some great exercises for improving all that. After concentrating on and following his advice, I could already see some modest improvement in my running style. Of course, I need to practice, and then practice some more, until I can do all this without having to think about it and it just flows.

I left the gym with a head full of information and inspiration. I felt so confident afterwards. Everything he said made sense, and all the exercises he showed me felt natural. It was like a revelation to just lean forward and let gravity carry my body forward. So simple, yet I wouldn't have thought to try it, if it hadn't been shown to me. But what's more important, I felt more hopeful about my running future than I've done in months. Thanks, coach!

This week has been so amazingly packed with different athletic activities, and there is no reason to stop now I'm on a roll. Today husband and I are going climbing. I could get used to this life of working out and not working. Anyone willing to finance this lifestyle?

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  1. "Coach" might not be the right term... Don't focus too much on leaning forwards - you will notice that if you don't you just remain stationary. So it will happen automatically without you focusing on it.
    Good luck!
    /C (not for "Coach"...)