Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Running? What's that?

Yeah. Not a lot of running lately.

An hour of this left me surprisingly ache-free this morning:

I have a yoga DVD that I pop into the DVD-player from time to time, that in the past always felt challenging. I've heard good things about yoga, that it can really help runners and make you more flexible, so in lieu of other training, I did some yoga. It could be that this DVD is not a very good one, or that I've gotten stronger, but I'm disappointed. My muscles don't hurt one bit. I want it to hurt, dammit! No pain, no gain!

Yesterday's swimming was likewise ineffective in causing aching muscles. I am guessing, though, that it put my lungs to good use instead. Therefore, there will be more of it in my future. Yoga, on the other hand, not so much. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

Something that excites me much more than yoga is the prospect of meeting up with one of my runner buddies tonight for some technique training. Technique can make or break a runner, and bad technique can lead to injuries. With so many injuries and close calls since I started running, I am suspecting that my running style leaves a lot to be desired. So, tonight, barefoot running and technique tips!

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