Wednesday, 15 December 2010


During one of my running sessions last week I crossed an imaginary finish line. I didn't know it at the time, because sometime last January I forgot to log one or more of my runs on, so I thought that there were still some kilometres left. Garmin data imported in Sporttracks, however, shows that I have already crossed the 1400 km mark. That is almost 900 km more than last year. It's 1200 km more than in 2008. Had I realised how dramatically the kilometre amount increased this year, it might have put my current injury into perspective.

My Kayano 16's were bought last May. I got my 17's three weeks ago, after running almost 1000 km in my old ones. Let me repeat this: I've run almost a thousand kilometres since May. Modest by some runners' standards, a monstrous increase by mine. I was ambitious. I wanted to run an average of 200 km per month. That's what felt good, that's how much I thought I could run in order to see progress and not get injured.

My mistake was probably going for longer and longer long-distance sessions. My 10 km runs felt easy, yet long enough to give me a kick. Maybe I should have stuck with them until I had built my foot and leg strength. Well. Hindsight is 20/20.

Soon we're going for a walk in the forest. It will be an interesting test for my foot, that's been taped and stable all day today and yesterday.


  1. Good job! I've myself have cycled, though only indoors, 1000km these past 3 months...:)