Saturday, 25 December 2010

I just couldn't resist...

...a Christmas day jog.

A couple of days ago, my parents and I went to Liseberg, the local amusement park, to get into the Christmas mood. My foot bothered me, but the day after it felt fine. It's almost as if the blood circulation in the area when I walk or run reduces the inflammation. In any case, Liseberg was beautiful and Christmassy.

Photo by my dad.

The temperature this morning was -14 degrees, a freezing wind was blowing but the sun was shining on the frozen lake. The world was asleep, with bellies full of Christmas food. Perfect running conditions, in other words. I was itching for a run. So my parents and I drove to the lake and, while they strolled on the lake's frozen surface, I ran a couple of laps around it. My pulse was high, perhaps because of the cold, or maybe because I hadn't trained for a week and a half. It was all worth it, however, if only to see the frozen spit stalactites from my Lungplus all over my bloody jacket. Sexy.

Photo by my dad.

My foot hurt afterwards, but after I stretched it and massaged it with ice, it's back to how it felt before the run. I'm sorry, Internet. I know I said I'd be good and rest my foot until it got better. But I'm only human, and a weak one at that. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my moral fibre shortcomings.

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