Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Alternative training!

Lots of things happening training wise right now. Today I went from this:

To this:

Foot feels worse again, and all I did yesterday was walk to the store. My running buddies have advised me however to not make any rush decisions with regards to the marathon, and one of them has even offered to help me with technique tips, in order to avoid future injuries. I am so thankful and happy that you guys are in my life. You give me hope.

One running buddy recommended alternative training while I'm waiting for my foot to heal, so I convinced my mum to go swimming with me this morning. She didn't need much convincing.

Now, both my mum and I know how to swim. Growing up with the sea at your feet will do that. But this was serious business. This wasn't about floating idly on the surface, lazily kicking the water with your feet and splashing about. This was to be alternative TRAINING. So I jumped in the 50-metre pool and vigorously swam towards the other end.

I thought I was going to die. 50 meters is not much when you run, but swimming is a different matter. We had agreed that we'd stay in the pool for one hour, but I was ready to go home after one minute. Obviously, there is a part of me that's masochistic, because I was determined to at least swim the super sprint triathlon distance, that is 400 metres. Just to see if I could.

It took me half an hour. I took a short pause every 50 metres, so it doesn't take a mathematical genius to work out that I was really slow. It got slightly easier the longer I swam, which makes sense as it's the same when I go running - the first couple of kilometres until I'm warmed up are tough and then it gets easier. So I did 100 metres more, a grand total of five! hundred!! metres!!!

I liked swimming, even though it was hard work. So I am planning on going swimming once a week, at least until my foot gets better.


  1. Jag skriker "HEJA HEJA" från Åmål. Alternativ träning kan ta en till helt nya höjder. Det är jag övertygad om! KRAM

  2. Kul blir det i alla fall (även om det inte är lika kul som längdskidåkning)! Kram :)

  3. Härligt! Innan du vet ordet av det kommer du kunna springa igen. Jag håller verkligen alla tummar och tår för att du blir bra så fort som möjligt och jag tycker inte du skall ge upp maran än. Kram!

  4. Tack Karin! Jag hoppas verkligen att du har rätt. Kram! :)