Friday, 31 December 2010

Bye bye 2010

Can't say that I'm tired as I'm writing these lines. I went to sleep on our sofa just after 8 last night and woke up in bed at 7.30 this morning, after 11 hours of sleep. I usually sleep 6-7 hours. Any more than that and I spend the day walking around like a zombie. A very tired zombie. But today I'm well-rested. I guess I needed the sleep.

Yesterday I went on a short run, wanting to practise everything I'd learned. I put on some sneakers instead of my Kayanos, in order to be able to feel the ground more. My sneakers are not completely flat of course, but their soles are half the size of the Kayanos'.

I tried to find a route that was relatively flat, so that I could get into a good rhythm. My pulse was high, maybe because my brain was working overtime, concentrating so hard. Or most likely because I'm in bad shape. I had some carefully chosen music in my ears to help me keep a high cadence, around 180-200bmp.

My initial plan was to only run 1-2 km, not wanting to overdo it, but I ended up running 4 km. It wasn't an easy run. I suspect that changing the way you run is quite demanding. However, even though my foot hurt before I started running, I couldn't feel a thing while I was out. That earned this running style some points.

In an hour or so we're going into town. It's Sylvesterloppet, the last race of the year, one that I had planned on entering, but you know what they say: Man plans, God laughs. So instead of running it, I'll be taking some photos and cheering on those who do get to run it.

Happy New Year!

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