Friday, 25 March 2011

Talk to the hand, foot!

The Demented Dictator has been critical of me lately. Its Podiatric Majesty has treated my switching back to my old Sauconys with scepticism.

You see, I had this crazy theory that, I don't know, maybe my Kayanos are not helping with my Plantar Fasciitis. That, all this time, they only made the problem worse. Seeing as they haven't made it better. This theory came about one day after a run, when I felt the arch support of the shoe push against my foot. What if the shoe rubs against my foot and causes the inflammation?

My Sauconys provide support and cushioning, but not to the same degree as my Kayanos, so I thought I'd give them a try and see if they rubbed against my foot in the same way. Almost a year after I confined them to walking shoe hell, they were back with a vengeance on yesterday's run. They felt light. They felt right. They didn't rub against my foot.

But my theory did not seem to hold. Foot was still not happy. If I sit still for more than 5 minutes, it acts up. So now everyone thinks I have twitchy feet.

Instead of moping about it like I did last week, though, I'm going to treat the Evil One with the contempt that it deserves. I will join the running group for a long run tomorrow, to Jonsered and back. And long it shall be, if all goes as planned. 25 sunny kilometres, revisiting a part of the now legendary route Alings̴s РGothenburg. Conveniently, it is just the part that I remember only vaguely, as I must have been in some kind of delirium when we ran it: Inexplicably I kept saying yes to running just a bit longer, only a few kilometres left to the marathon distance, our destination is just around the corner...(I'm looking at you, Mia).

(But so glad you egged me on.)

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