Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Spring forward

Last night, as J and I were slowly walking back to the car after climbing, it suddenly hit me: time was maybe 20.30, but for the first time since last autumn it didn't feel late. That, for me, is a definite sign that spring is here and summer is just around the corner.

Let me explain. I am a notorious early bird. I go to bed early, I wake up early. The latter has become a necessity because our cats don't let us sleep in, but also because I work shifts and sometimes have to be at work at 6.

In the summer, when daylight increases, I tend to need less sleep and can stay up a bit later than small children.

Those few minutes of golden light right before the sun rises or sets are for me the best time of the day. On a clear day, the sky is painted in all shades of orange, and it feels like a warm embrace. Some of my best memories are from serene summer dawns or vibrant summer dusks. For example, the time I went running early one summer dawn and I saw a beautiful roe deer not 10 meters away.

Encounters 2photo © 2010 Michele Pegoraro | more info (via: Wylio)

In the winter, the chances to catch those fleeting moments are rare. Partly because the sky is obscured by clouds more often than not, and partly because it's dark most of the time. Some days, when I'm at work, I never even see the sun, because it's dark when I get there and dark when I leave.

On Sunday, we spring forward. An extra hour of sunlight in the evening. I am planning on celebrating this fact by going for a run this evening, just when the sun is about to set. Maybe I'll be lucky and catch a magnificent sunset.

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  1. Mmm solnedgång över havet! Jag har kryckat mig ner till Rörvik ett par sena eftermiddagar och det är ljuvligt med allt det rosa vackra i kvällssolen!

    Mentala kryckor, det har du rätt i! Tack för att du påminner!