Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Almost famous

A funny thing happened to me today. A guy I know, whom I meet through work maybe a couple of times per year, came up to me today and asked me about the time we ran from Alingsås to Gothenburg. A few months ago, two other women I know (again through work, that I only meet a couple of times per year) asked me the same thing on two separate occasions. I have no idea how these three people (that I hardly ever see) know what I like to do in my free time, let alone what distances I cover on foot. Sure, I talk about my running with some of the colleagues I see every day, but how this information travels to others outside my workplace is a mystery to me. I guess doing ”crazy” things, like running almost 50 km, will make you interesting enough to talk about during lunch break. I can imagine the conversation going something like this:

- Hey, you know Shaman from X workplace?

- Yeah?

- She's a nut job. I heard she ran 50 km the other day.

- I heard she ran it backwards.

- I heard she had to carry one of her running mates on her back, for the last 20 km.

- While running backwards!

That's how I injured my foot, by the way. I ran backwards while carrying a 150 kg-heavy ex-hockey player on my back.

Oh well. If I am to become ”famous” (or infamous) for something, it could be for a lot worse than long distance running.

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  1. Ever so cooly! Ännu en lyckad branding säger jag haha!