Wednesday, 2 March 2011

On top of the world (or the wall, whatever)

J took half of the day off today, so we went climbing quite early. At first the gym was packed with elementary school kids – all with stars in their eyes and loving climbing. Half an hour later, we were almost alone in there. I climbed the 6B a couple of times again, just to make sure that managing it the first time wasn't a fluke. I even noticed a new 6B+ route that is going to be my next project. As soon as my fingers return to their normal size.

The view from the top of 6B

I was hoping to get a run in today too, and thought about running to the gym. Run commuting, however, has to be planned carefully. In this case, I should have thought ahead and left my climbing gear with J – no way I was running 10 km with a heavy backpack in order to go climbing. It all worked out for the best, though. My foot needs some rest. It doesn't hurt, but it feels like a muscle is strained, between the arch of the foot and my ankle. I can run tomorrow instead. In my VFFs. Too soon?


  1. Rätt fantastiskt att klättringen funkar så bra med tanke på skadan! Kan tänka mig att det är extremt påfrestande! Ger mig hopp! :D

  2. Konstigt nog är det inga problem! Snarare tvärtom. Mina skor är så styva att de stödjer hålfoten. Det är mina tår som får lida istället när de blir tvungna att tränga sig i en sån liten sko...