Monday, 7 March 2011

Burn, baby, burn

I didn't have a fever this morning, so I went to work as usual and then took the bus home. I was going to take a day off training anyway, as I haven't had a ”pure” rest day in over two weeks. Some days have been easier of course: just a walk and some strength exercises. But no days have been completely exercise free.

When I got home, I took my temperature again, because I felt that my body was starting to ache in a familiar way. I didn't have a fever then; but now, an hour later, I'm running a fever again (running, get it? Oh, I crack myself up). Throat is still a bit sore, but I don't have any other cold symptoms.

So it looks like there will be more exercise free days than I had hoped. It is kind of frustrating, because I was just starting to get into a nice groove, and my physical condition was just getting back to its old glory. And last week was one of such wonderful good runs. On the other hand, fever will ”force” me to rest, giving my foot a better chance to get well. It's been pretty quiet the last couple of days, so maybe a few days' obligatory rest will finally tip the scales.

Plus, it was about time I got sick again. The films I've been meaning to watch have been piling up. Hey, I have to look at the bright side, right?

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