Sunday, 13 March 2011

Perchance to dream

My foot survived running 20 km yesterday. It feels fine this morning. Suddenly, new possibilities are opening up for me. Suddenly, the colours are brighter, the clouds are parting in the sky and I feel like breaking into a Broadway dance routine. But then, just when I'm about to fly away into the sky, drunk on hope and excitement, reality coughs politely and taps me on the shoulder.

It's easy to get carried away and repeat past mistakes, namely doing too much, too soon. But there are so many sirens singing to me now that it's hard to resist. One is of course our group's ultrarun in April from Varberg to Gothenburg (88 km), which I was planning on running a part of. Another is a running event, also in April, that takes place around the Göteborgsvarvet's original route from 1980. Sounds like fun. Then there is an actual halfmarathon race on the 16th of April that I was thinking about entering. So I'm looking at 3 halfmarathon runs within the same month. I just might have to reconsider running all of them, and just pick one.

I've also started looking at races this summer. It would probably be naive to think that, just because my foot doesn't hurt now, the problem is gone for good and I can run the same amount of kilometres I ran before the injury. But I am so tempted to enter an ultrarace. Two of them are 6H events, meaning that runners plod/run around a track as many times as possible over a 6 hour period. Trollhättan is in July and Skövde in August. It took us just over 5 hours to run from Alingsås to Gothenburg, so it's not a huge step to 6 hours, especially as you can walk, rest and stop to eat as many times as you like. It would be so nice to break the 50 km barrier and finally be able to say in good conscience that I have run an ultra.

So many exciting races. But, as with all great things in life, you have to start somewhere and build up. Today's small step towards my goals, a short run in my VFFs.