Sunday, 6 March 2011

I get a fever that's so hard to bear

Photo by Slayerphoto

I may have chosen to go for a run this morning, even though my throat was sending me some early signals of an impeding cold. When I later collapsed on the sofa to watch the Nordic Skiing World Championship and almost fell asleep, I was almost certain that something was wrong. Now it's confirmed. Fever. Well, at least my foot will get some rest.

In other news, I impulsively subscribed to Trail Runner, after reading about it on Andrew Tutt-Wixner's blog. I am looking forward to getting inspired by it. Andrew's blog is very inspiring too, by the way. He's running through Sweden, starting on the 30th of April. Awesome.


  1. Shit, coolt att springa genom sverige!! Trist med din feber dock, jag hoppas att den går över fort som tusan. Krya på dig! Kram

  2. Tack, det är redan bättre (tror jag) :D