Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Double trouble

Yesterday was my first time on the bike since the autumn. I cycled like a maniac, which left my legs dead. I could really feel the cycling muscles stuggling to wake up after months of neglect.

So today I had only planned to run to work, and then I was supposed to get a lift with J to our climbing course in town. I decided to make it a ”longer” run than my usual, and was treated first to a pheasant sighting and then to a beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately the pheasants flew away before I got the chance to take my mobile phone out and take a picture, but the sunrise was kind enough to wait for me while I fumbled with the camera settings.

Half way through the day I found out that I didn't have to work late, like I had thought. That created a dilemma for me: Should I stay at work anyway, and join J on the car ride to town? Or leave work early and run home to grab a bite first? I chose the second.

Did I mention my legs were dead from yesterday's cycling? Yeah. That's exactly how they felt this morning, while I tried to keep leaning forward, lift my heels towards my butt and generally use a good running technique. But on the way home it was even worse. My feet were so heavy, they almost scraped the ground. What almost made me throw in the towel was my breathing. Employing the right running technique makes me run faster than I am comfortable with, and my pulse skyrockets.

I ended up running 10 km today. Two running sessions in one day, which are soon to be followed by a climbing session. Nice!

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  1. Vilken vinnarkombo! Och en härlig start på dagen m soluppgång!