Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lazy Sunday

I don't usually like Sundays. There are way too many chores to do, and the thought that it's only hours before the weekend is over won't let me relax and enjoy the day.

Today has been different. The sun was already up when I got out of bed. After a lazy breakfast, I watched Vasaloppet's start. We took care of the week's shopping early, and already by 9.30 J and I had done everything that needed to be done and were ready to head out for a ”long” run.

I took a gamble. It wasn't too windy and the sun was shining. I left my jacket at home and put on my vest instead, for the first time this year. As it turned out, it was a good choice. The spring is really on its way.

Pretty in pink

There were a few scattered clouds in the sky, but that didn't prevent people from taking a walk along the seaside. The ice is nearly gone from the pavements. We met lots of other runners, and even a couple of cyclists.

When we came home, our living room was flooded with sunlight. According to my two hundred squats programme, I had to do an exhaustion test before I moved on to next week's exercises. I surprised myself by managing to do all 200 squats, roughly a week after starting the programme and after having run 11km.

Tidus is currently lying on the sofa, basking in the warmth. He knows how to enjoy his Sundays. We will soon join him; the Men's 50 km freestyle mass start is on TV.

This is the good life

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