Tuesday, 29 March 2011

People watching

Spotted in a well-known sports store yesterday evening:

A beautiful woman in her thirties, with her hair sleeked back in a tight ponytail, long black coat and tight black trousers, who looks like she just flew in from Wall Street, trying out running shoes.

She takes one well-polished high-heeled boot off, puts a random running shoe on, steps on the treadmill, fires it up and takes maybe ten slow steps on it, before declaring that the shoes are fine. With one running shoe on one foot. And one high-heeled boot on the other.

Shaman can't help but stare in fascination. Is this woman's left leg shorter than the right, making it necessary to wear high-heels on one foot while she's running? Is it a fashion statement, like ”I'm standing with one foot in the sweaty world of running and the other in the shiny world of finance”? Maybe she's trying to ease her body into running, by only running with one leg at a time?

See you on a trail somewhere, sister.


  1. Interesting technique! Maybe running is a new fashion craze that has passed us by whilst we have been doing just that - running. I wonder how many miles of road those trainers will really see. I hope we do see her on the trails, seems such a shame to think of the shoes in a neglected box is a cupboard.

  2. Verkligheten överträffar dikten igen och igen och igen! Tråkigt har man sällan haha!