Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pros and cons of run commuting

How hardcore am I. Two running sessions in one day. I'm as good as elite!

I ran both to and from work today. Soundtrack of the day: Radiohead, Pablo Honey. Another period of my life that flashed before my eyes while I was running. Shaman: the early years. Ever since the exhilaration I felt while running with Pink Floyd in my ears a couple of days ago, I'm revisiting the albums that shaped my musical youth.

Run commuting definitely has its perks. It takes me as much time to run the distance to work as it would have taken to take the bus there. I get exercise in a natural, functional way. If I run to work, it gives me a buzz that lasts all day.

But it has its disadvantages too. Carrying a backpack. Having to shower twice in a day. Pretty much the same route every day. Car fumes. Boring environment. Monotonous.

Listening to music while I run commute has given me the extra kick I've needed lately. While I'm waiting for spring to come, for nature to turn green and make my route bearable again, for the ice to melt and allow me to run by the sea, I can retreat inside my head and sing along to some really cool tunes. In the summer I'll take birdsong over music any time.


  1. Åååh springa till jobbet är grymt! Blir inte dina kollegor galet imponerade? :) Tack för ditt pepp! Det spar jag till en låg dag!

  2. Grymt! Precis som tidigare kommentatörska precis sagt. Jag har bara en knapp kilometer till jobbet. Så näe... :) I så fall får jag ta en rejäl omväg!


  3. AKA: Tack själv för att du inspirerar mig med din starka vilja!

    Mia: Ja, det är lite väl kort. Om man inte springer barfota, dvs. Då är det en bra början! ;)