Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring? What spring?

Snow. Again.

Joining spring in its resounding lack of, well, presence, was today's planned run. Rest, in other words. Total rest, unless you count the short walk to pick up my bike and the subsequent 1 km-bike ride home. A well-functioning bike richer, almost a thousand crowns poorer.

The reason for taking the day off is, of course, yesterday's tiredness and my achy foot. Both of which seem to be a lot better today, and which, I am hoping, are going to be even better tomorrow. I am thinking about joining my running group for a long run then. Yet it is my foot, this Despicable Dictator, this Terrible Tyrant, this Despot of Doom, that gets to decide whether or not I run tomorrow. The world is holding its breath.


  1. Jag håller tummarna för att foten skärper till sig under kvällen så du kan springa imorgon!!
    När du ändå springer kan du ju springa lite för mig med :) Kram!

  2. Hoppas du kan smörja foten m lite fredagsmys så den kommer på gott humår igen!