Sunday, 13 May 2012

Why, hello there, runner's knee!

Long time no see! For a moment there yesterday (up until the 10 km mark), I dared to hope that you were gone for good, but then you were back with a big grin on your face, as if you'd pulled the funniest prank in the history of bad jokes. You fooled me!

And now you're here to keep me company a little while longer. That's OK. I sort of knew you'd be back. Don't make yourself too comfortable though – you're not as strong as you were the first time I met you, and this time I will kick your ass. That's a promise.


  1. Krya på knät!
    Och verkligen stort tack för dina värmande fina rader hos mig!! (igen)

  2. Ibland måste man ta beslut som man vet att inte är de bästa på alla sätt. Jag skulle nog också ha sprungit Varvet om jag varit i ditt ställe. Håller tummarna för att knäet blir bättre snart och då kommer du igen - starkare än någonsin :)