Friday, 11 May 2012

Pre-race jitters

Once upon a time, a better time, 21 km were the minimum distance I covered on my weekly (and sometimes biweekly) long runs. Now, the day before Göteborgsvarvet, I wonder if I'll even manage to complete the race. If my knee gives me any trouble, I'll walk. And I know it will, if I push it beyond its limits. But what if my knee hurts so much that I can't even walk?

Of course, this is a risk I have to take if I want to participate. I am aware that there is a possibility I might have to quit halfway. I am determined to do my best, but determination can only take you so far. I wouldn't be starting if I didn't think I stood a chance, but I am not willing to jeopardise my health and my legs for it.

So, two months almost to the day since the 6-hour ultra in Skövde, I'm back to square one. Can I do this? Can I finish a half-marathon? It might seem like a small achievement to the more seasoned ones among you but it will give me so much joy if I make it. It's quite humbling to be so uncertain about things I used to take for granted. A useful experience.


  1. Top Notch! Vi ses imorrn! Jag ställer min cykel vid persedelinlämningen bakom Friidrottens Hus kl 14.30! Har troligen långa gråsvarta 2XU tights och camo-top!

  2. Good luck- I hope your knee is OK. I totally understand (although not from being injured but from being ill)- last year I was running 8 or 10 miles each weekend, and a half marathon was an enjoyable distance. Now I am run/walking 3 miles and not sure how I will get back up to those distances again. So good luck.