Sunday, 20 May 2012

Time to play

I might not be able to run, or cycle, or do the plank for three minutes right now. But just think about the things that I never could and never will be able to do! Climb Mt Everest! Go deep sea diving! Wrestle with lions! Eat cockroaches! Jump off a plane without a parachute!

Ok, those might be things that I don't want to do.

But one thing that I both can and want to do is go for long walks in the woods with my Nikon. That's what we did yesterday, J and I. We hit a path that is very familiar to me due to the fact that I've run there about a million times. It's well-trodden, which is a mystery to me because you almost never see any people there. And, before you ask, no, it's not because I've run there a million times that it's well-trodden.

Our walk took two hours, including the stops to take pictures. It was really enjoyable, because nature is truly at its best right now. Everything is in bloom. The green parts are impossible to photograph though, because it's such an unbelievably vibrant shade of green and it's everywhere. It would be like taking a macro photo of Kermit's arse. 

That's one too many arse references in my blog lately. Have to stop. Might attract the wrong kind of traffic. 

Overexposed because the bumblebee flew away before I had time to change the settings, but dreamy-like. So you get to see it anyway.

But the point is that the details get lost. What the eye sees – and appreciates – is not always easy to photograph. The eye sees in 3D, sees shadows and shapes that become flat in pictures. Bushes and trees and grass all become one big green mess. That's why I've been focusing on the details, which hopefully convey a sense of the lushness of the whole.

With a big fat sun promising to bake the West Coast later today, we'll be heading out again for another long walk, and even more photographs. J made me promise not to trip any of the bypassing runners in sheer envy this time.


  1. Underbara bilder!
    Vi hade en sån varm och fantastisk dag igår. Verkar som om sommaren kommit nu. (Hoppas jag..)
    Hoppas du fick till en mousse. Inte säker på att man behövde dadlar, men det ger en extra kick såklart.

    Krya på dig igen och kramar & tack för fina ord!
    (Everest är en dröm, men jag är rädd för det. Kommer aldrig göra det)

  2. Fantastiska bilder! Tack! Det finns verkligen alltid en massa andra roliga saker att göra trots att kroppen inte är med på allt...
    men du vet ju, det vänder ALLTID förr eller senare!