Thursday, 17 May 2012

The morning after

I don't understand how I managed the seemingly impossible, namely of not getting caught on any of the cameras around Göteborgsvarvet. There are thousands of photos from Saturday. Other runners have 8-10 photos of themselves to choose from, I don't have a single one. I was obviously too fast for the camera shutters. Or a VAMPIRE.

So yeah, about that elephant.

I was asleep before my head hit the pillow last night. Yesterday was exhausting, a real test of mental strength, patience and perseverance. Fighting nerves for hours while waiting. Not unlike an ultra, only, you know, less fun and without the blisters. Sadly, no one gives you a medal for your efforts at the end, either. Hopefully, this was a chapter in my life that is now closed for good and will never have to be reopened. Good riddance. Now there are good things to look forward to. My knee's recovery. My plans to take time off work and study next semester. Maybe an ultra this autumn, if all goes well.

Today is a holiday here in Sweden. I'm planning to spend it mostly horizontally, with the latest Stephen King in my hands. Resting. Dog knows I need it. Because (like one of my running buddies put it) I'm not likely to get a lot of rest later this year. He's right. If I can help it, there won't be much of that at all.


  1. Enjoy your day off- I heard on the radio it is a holiday because there is some kind of public transport boycott in Stockholm? Anyway, enjoy the rest.

  2. Ja det gäller att passa på när tillfälle ges!
    Mikropauser är underskattade enligt mig. Och att sova middag...