Sunday, 6 May 2012


I ran a total of 2,5 km yesterday (fast, in 2 minute-intervals with 1-minute walks in between) without the slightest complaint from my knee. Shhh, don't say it out loud now because you might jinx it...

Katarina, that amazing photographer, honoured me the other day by picking me to answer a few questions. Here are my answers to what I hope is a good translation of her questions:

1. Name a blog that inspires you in your own blogging.
The blogs I read don't inspire me to write, as such (my runs do that), but they do inspire me to do other things. Katarina's blog, for instance, inspires me to take more and better photos. Ultra runner Dakota Jones' blog inspires me to run trails. Miranda's blog inspires me to run far.

2. If you got to take ONE exercise gadget with you on a desert island, what would it be?
Is it a big island? My Garmin. Is it a tiny one? My sunglasses!

3. What gives you a bad conscience?
If I've been unfair to someone.

4. If you didn't blog about what you do today – what would you blog about?
Photography maybe – if I were better at it, that is. Or baking.

5. What irritates you?
Bigotry. It makes me furious. And bad drivers.

6. Which ice-cream is best?
Any that's made from natural ingredients. When it comes to flavour, I am partial to chocolate and stracciatella.

7. Where would you like to go on holiday?
Ideal destinations: Colorado, Canada, Japan, New Zealand.

8. Is there a sport you'd like to try that you're not practising today?
I played a little squash back when I was a student. I'd love to take that up again. Sadly, I don't know anyone here who plays it. I've always loved dancing but haven't done it in ages.

9. Which is your favourite training shoe?
My VFF. Mirage have grown on me, too.

10. What does training happiness mean for you?
Running brings me close to nature and takes me places I would otherwise have missed. It makes me feel strong and healthy.

There you have it! So in true blogging fashion I'm sending these questions onwards to a couple of other bloggers: Karin, Invisible world and Mia.


  1. Blogginlägg kommer inom kort (men det kan dröja till imorgon ;)) Kul läsning förresten, jag gillar att få reda på småsaker om folk, det ger ytterligare lite info personen som springer runt i löparskorna (ibland jämte en!)

  2. Tack för att du delade med dig! :-)