Monday, 7 May 2012

Shhh... runner's knee is sleeping. Don't wake it up. I have some vague plans to torture it tomorrow and it mustn't find out until I'm standing at the starting line.

My physiotherapist told me to take the knee for a 5-6km test before Göteborgsvarvet, to see if it holds, so to speak. So now you know what my plan for tomorrow is. Vårruset. Not usually my kind of race, but hey, why not. I'll put on my VFF and see it as a technique training session. It's not 100% decided yet of course. We'll see if the knee is in as good a mood tomorrow morning as it is today.

My VFF, in a very different environment than tomorrow's race

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  1. Nice! Hoppas att det fortsätter att sova! Five fingers borde väl vara bra för löpsteget när det gäller knät?:)