Friday, 18 May 2012

New exciting project

Since I'm taking a few weeks off running to regroup and recuperate, I was thinking about what to do about this blog. I mean, it's called Running for Life, but if I don't run, it might get existential angst and turn into a Gothic blog, get a black header and blood-like splotches of red on the sides, and start being all about Magick and the Twilight movies. It would be called "Waiting for Death" instead. Urk.

So I came up with this brilliant idea for keeping the blog alive in the absence of training. While I'm anxiously waiting for my running schedule to resume, I'm embarking on...

Wait for it....

Wait for it....

The Grow A Big Fat Arse Project (G.A.B.F.A.P. – a somewhat unfortunate acronym).

Let me present the concept to you. First of all, the advantage with such a project is that it's already under way. Has been since I got injured. My backside has been growing in reverse proportion to my shrinking training hours. I used to run and climb and do strength exercises and cycle, and now I can do none of that. I used to eat in accordance with how many calories I'd been burning, in order to keep my body working properly for the amount of abuse I put it through. But I eat just as much now when I don't burn so many calories. My stomach hasn't caught up with the lack of exercise yet and demands food as if I were still running 60 km per week. Maybe it will some day, maybe it won't.


Simple, really: calories in > calories out = Big Fat Arse.

Another advantage with Growing A Big Fat Arse is the added weight I'll have to carry around when I start exercising again. Think about how much harder my heart will have to work with a few extra kilos! How much stronger my muscles will get if I have some more junk in my trunk! Aaand my joints will love it!

I hate diets, I hate putting limits on what I can and can't eat. I believe that exercising and eating a little bit of everything is the secret to keeping a healthy weight. Not so easy when you suddenly find yourself with a surplus of a few thousand calories per week. Oh well, I'll drop the extra weight when I start exercising again. Right? Right?

Hello? Anyone still reading? Mom? Dad?

(crickets chirping)

(tumbleweeds rolling)


  1. YES! Right! You will! Jag hatar med dieter. Det inte bara LÅTER trist det ÄR trist också.

  2. I'm still reading! Haha. Mkt underhållande inlägg;) Din mage vänjer sig nog snart. Har du förresten testat wetwest? När mitt löparknä hade läkt litegrann så funkade det faktiskt riktigt bra för mig!