Monday, 13 June 2011

Wish I was bulletproof

Some days you feel invincible and some days you thank your lucky stars if you can just move one foot in front of the other. Saturday's escapades planted me firmly, if temporarily, in the second category.

J and I went climbing yesterday, but I was too exhausted to put any real effort into it. I picked easy routes, and the only difficult route I tried out I had to give up half way.

I walked to work this morning, planning on running home. The walk warmed up my strained thigh muscles and tricked me into thinking that I had recovered well enough. But when it was time to get home, any attempts to run with good technique were short-lived and I landed heavily with every step. I ran in my VFF, which usually ”force” me to run lightly, but not even they could save this session.

But I don't give up easily. Experience has shown that my tired muscles get better after an easy run, so I'm running home from work tomorrow too. 5 easy kilometres to sweet talk my body into Wednesday's longer run. Let's hope it works.


  1. Your post title has put Radiohead in my head :)

  2. AKA: Inte idag! Men imorgon är det en ny dag :)
    Maria: Haha, I hope it's ok! You could do worse than Radiohead :)