Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Scream for me, Gothenburg

A day without running can be more tiresome than a day with two running sessions. The proof? That I crawled through the whole day at work yesterday with my eyes half closed, only to come home at 9 and collapse in bed at 10, where I then lay wide awake, having gone so far past tiredness that I couldn't sleep. When sleep finally came to me, it was of the light variety. I was too warm; then I was freezing; then I was too warm again. I tossed and turned. I kicked the sheets. When I woke up this morning, I was only marginally less tired than I was last night.

Still, I ventured outside for a run. I took my phone with me this time, but no deer were anywhere in sight. On the other hand, a thousand screaming school kids were there, if not in sight, then within hearing distance. But I didn't feel as motivated to take a picture of them.

The only wildlife I got to see today

My run felt a bit...bleh. I am used to having the woods to myself, or sharing them with only a couple of others, but today I was late to go out for my run, and apparently the whole of Gothenburg was there. I'm not sure what all those screaming kids were doing there, apart from screaming their lungs off, maybe trying to get in touch with nature? By way of their primal scream? Trying to rid the woods of wild boar? Or wildlife in general? I don't know. But it felt right to leave the main path and cut straight into the woods, on a trail that very few people use. And, of course, I got lost. It's Wednesday after all.

Somehow I succeeded in finding my way back to civilisation soon afterwards and arrived home after 7 km. I am tempted to take two days off running now, in order to rest my legs that have taken a beating the past few days. I have run almost 50 km since last Saturday, 42 of which within 3 days. Another reason I want to rest is that this Saturday I am running Sandsjöbackaleden with the group, a 22-km trail that cuts through a nature reserve and which is pretty hard work. But boy am I looking forward to it. These legs need all the trail training they can get.

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