Monday, 20 June 2011

That long dark cloud is coming down

...but I didn't let it scare me. No matter how much rain the sky threatened with, I wanted to run the longer route home, the one that takes me by the sea. I had my VFF on my feet and wanted to run on sand.

My thighs ached so much yesterday that I could hardly bend my legs. They felt only a bit better today. When I left work, they started their whining immediately, but after just a few metres they had completely forgotten all about their troubles. They love the soft steps I take in my VFF.

There is a camping site by the sea, which has been deserted all winter. Now, it wasn't. Trailers were parked in most of the available places, tents in others, children were running around or kicking a ball, old ladies were cycling. I know it sounds like I'm writing a blurb for a Swedish Tourist Board leaflet, but there was one thing that would never find its way on a leaflet: the dark clouds hanging over the allotment houses, while the tenants did some gardening.

I got to the beach where I had hoped to run on sand. Unfortunately, it's getting rebuilt. No, I'm not kidding. They're building paths around the beach and who knows what else, so the beach was not accessible for the public. Oh well. I still managed to find a patch of sand (about one square metre) and afterwards I happily trotted on the grass.

Those long dark clouds came and went, without a single drop of rain.


  1. Haha vilken fantastisk timing! "Hörni när tycker ni vi ska bygga om stranden och stänga av allmänheten, på vintern eller på sommarn?" "Vi tar det på sommarn tycker jag, det är skönare att jobba då!"

  2. HAHAHA, verkligen! Jag tänkte inte ens på hur underbart tajmat det är ;) Men de kanske tar bort stängslen på helgerna?