Monday, 6 June 2011

The mythical roe deer

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. J and I went out for a run and we saw a deer. It was standing right on the path, and it moved away slowly when it saw us, only to stop again a few meters into the woods and stare at us.

Taking a picture of a deer has become a personal quest for me, akin to the quest to find and take a picture of the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot or a UFO. The deer are just as elusive. Those of you who don't live in Sweden and have been reading this blog for a while might have noticed all my unsuccessful attempts at capturing the mythical roe deer on film. There was this:

Where is Waldo?

And this masterpiece:

Any blurry photos I have taken in the past cannot be considered evidence of the roe deer's existence, as they are so blurry I might as well claim that they are photos of Elvis, and, dear reader, I can understand if you treat them with scepticism. But I can promise you: the roe deer DOES exist, despite my spectacular failure to present you with evidence. Ask any Swede.

So while the roe deer was posing beautifully among the trees with its big brown eyes, and waiting for me to take a picture, my mobile phone was safely at home. Where, on any normal run, I NEVER BLOODY LEAVE IT.

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  1. But when you finally do get that photo it will be even more brilliant and worth it!