Saturday, 25 June 2011

Midsummer 2 x 20

I'm going to sound like the most boring person in the world, but I'm not that interested in drinking. A glass of wine to go with my food is great, and I appreciate the taste, but I really don't like getting drunk.

Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was our mood, but no one felt like celebrating midsummer eve by drinking and singing yesterday. We had a quiet (and sober, for me) evening, which meant that I was up at 5.30 this morning, well rested and ready for action.

I know I wrote that I was going to try running two long runs, one on Friday and one on Sunday. Well, that turned out to be kind of true. Instead of waiting until tomorrow (why postpone it?), I went running again this morning.

I barely had started running when negative thinking and self-doubt invaded my brain. Two long runs, two days in a row? That must be wrong! It must be more wrong than running a marathon in one day! I'll never make it - I ran 20 km yesterday, there is no way I'll be able to do it again today.

My body took its time sorting out all the creaking and groaning in my knees and thighs. It first started feeling properly warmed up after 10 km. It's a pattern I've noticed before: it takes ages for my body to get started and get in a flow.

I ran my usual route backwards and took a different road about half way. The variation made a great difference; running the exact same route while on tired legs is a special kind of psychological torture that I didn't want to add to the list of things that could wipe me out.

Once my body was warmed up, I relaxed and enjoyed my surroundings. The thick woods, the tall grass, the quietness. I welcomed any hills I came across, as my legs seemed to wake up then, after several kilometres' worth of repetitive movement.

My initial goal was to run between 15-18 kilometres, but when I came to the crossroads where I had to choose if I'd take the shortcut or the long way around, I chose to run further. The last couple of kilometres felt easy on the legs.

20 kilometres yesterday. 20 kilometres today. Not a great deal by ultra standards by any means; still, I am so glad and thankful that my crazy idea was not so crazy after all. That my body seems to be strong enough to deal with this kind of strain. Today, I feel strong.


  1. 20 km 2 days running is still a lot of running though. Glad you are feeling strong.

  2. Yes, but that was the point. To see if I'm strong enough to do something like that. I won't be doing it every w/e :)
    If everything goes as planned, I'll be running an ultra in September, which will be way more taxing on the body than this. I'd better get used to it :)

  3. Bra jobbat! Och jag tror inte det var många som ens tänkte tanken på 20 km på midsommardagen haha! :D Själv tog jag samma distans fast på cykel! ;)