Friday, 24 June 2011

A great start to the weekend

My body was filled with jell-o when I forced it out the door this morning. It was probably psychological, but I felt like a couch potato going out for her first run. After just two days of rest/fever.

The feeling didn't last. After a couple of kilometres where I kept a close watch on my pulse, I eased up and let my legs find a comfortable pace. That comfortable pace turned out to be quite a fast one.

I ran under a dark sky past grass fields, tall horses, sleepy houses. And flowers. All the beautiful midsummer flowers. Honeysuckle, roses and jasmine all competed with the pungent smell coming from the sea. And won, with their sweet scents.

The wind stirred the sea, making it wild and foaming at the coast. The waves were white horses, furiously galloping to the shore. Perhaps unconventionally, I loved this weather. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had the wind on my back, like a helping hand pushing me onwards.

I stopped after 20 kilometres, having run at a speed that would have given me a half marathon distance under 2 hours. Midsummer weekend started off well.

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