Thursday, 9 June 2011

In the arms of sleep

I had a very brief discussion with myself this morning. I didn't agree with myself and then things got heated:

Me1: Me, shall I run home from work this afternoon?

Me2: *Yawn*

Me1: Hallo?

Me2: *Downs a mug of coffee in seconds*

Me1: In VFF?

Me2: *Tiredly raises head, pries eyes open with fingers, half interested*

Me1: In the rain?

Me2: And you were doing so well.

Me1: Sigh. Bike it is, then.

Phew! Good thing I wasn't carrying a knife, or things would have really gotten out of hand.

I don't know if it's the weather, but I've been feeling so sleepy the past 2-3 days. I've had enough sleep, but still, this rainy weather presses against my temples and pushes down my eyelids, so I have to walk around with my arms outstretched so as not to bump into anything. Resisting it is too much work. Need. More. Sleep.

I am resolute to keep up with the resting regime until Saturday. Sandsjöbackaleden is no piece of cake. It's a tough, hilly trail that has most likely only gotten worse after the last couple of days' rain. Let's hope that this veil of tiredness lifts from my head before then.


  1. and you were doing so well! ;)

    jag behöver massor av sömn för att fungera som människa.

  2. Men nu kom solen!!!

    Och jag kan tipsa om lite smyckesshopping! Från FBs Vantar och smycken - Lenas kreativa hörna