Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Kilometer junkie

The sky is ominously dark outside, covered in thick clouds. I woke up at 5, not really sure if dawn had come. I ate my breakfast, intending to wait for a short while afterwards and then go for a run, but now I find myself wanting to postpone it until later in the day. When the sun is high up in the sky.

Friday is a bank holiday here in Sweden, and once again I find myself dreaming of adventure. It is quite common among people our age (and younger...and older) to celebrate the summer solstice by drinking with friends and singing silly songs, and then to spend Saturday nursing a hangover. We have no specific plans yet as to how we'll be spending Friday evening, but it's safe to say that, with one of J's friends staying with us for a few days, it's not likely to be spent praying and meditating. So here's what I'm thinking: what if I went for my long run tomorrow after work or on Friday morning, and then for another one on Sunday? You know, just in case I *ahem* can't go running on Saturday?

I've been contemplating fitting in two long runs per week since my run last Saturday. I ran 31 km then, followed by one day's rest and then 8 more last Monday. Would I be able to pull off 20 km on Saturdays and maybe a shorter long run of 15-18 on Wednesdays? I'm already up to 11 on my Wednesday runs. Would my body like the increase or would it break down? Am I so comfortable with the half marathon distance now, that I could run it twice a week, or would it wear me out?

There's only one way to find out.


  1. I read a Wallander about the summer solstice (well it started with some young people celebrating it in the woods). With the running, I think the rule is to not increase distance by more than 10% per week, otherwise you risk injury. So just add gradually to it and I am sure you will be fine- you run a lot of miles already.

  2. Yeah, but that would be the clever thing to do!