Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Today I left my brain at home

Run commuting with a twist was scheduled for today. I ran to Js workplace, just like I did last Wednesday, but taking an easier way there and without my climbing gear on my back. I had the foresight to ask J to take it with him this morning so I wouldn't have to carry it. Turns out I could have carried it myself – but more about that later.

It was warm and humid today. I might as well have been breathing underwater. My pace was however pretty high (by my standards) and I was able to maintain it on the mainly flat first part of the route. After about 6 kilometres it was time for me to honour what is now quickly becoming a Wednesday tradition, and got lost.

Right before passing Gothenburg's main hospital, one usually has to climb up a pretty steep and long hill. This I tried to avoid by running through the city's botanical gardens. The hill has to be climbed one way or another, but I figured that since it is so beautiful in there, I would at least get distracted by all the pretty flowers. It worked. The hill was broken down into shorter segments, with some flat parts in between.

I ran past people sitting on the grass having a picnic, or sitting in a café sipping lattes. Some were walking around looking at the vast variety of flowers. I didn't know how to get to the hospital, so I improvised. My improvisation led me to a narrow trail in the woods, lined with wood anemones. I could see the tall hospital building behind the trees and made my way there, after a short detour.

After coming out of the gardens, I realised I was at the bottom of yet another hill. The sun felt even hotter when compared to the coolness in the woods' shade. The cold water I had taken with me had gotten piss warm after only 20 minutes, and now it was reaching boiling point. I was defeated. I walked up that hill, using the last of the water to wash my face and neck, and enjoying what could just about be called a light breeze. I started running again when I reached the top of the hill and didn't stop until after my Garmin showed 10 km.

Once I had picked J up and we arrived at the climbing gym, I saw that I hadn't packed anything except my shoes in the backpack I gave J this morning. No harness meant no climbing. We made a feeble attempt at bouldering, but we soon gave up and went home, disappointed. When I uploaded the data from my run, though, my spirits were lifted. I had run at an average of 5:35 min/km. Not bad for these tired legs!

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