Sunday, 8 May 2011


No long run today either. A vague plan to run the hilly 10km- route immediately vaporised when I started running and felt like I had to force my legs to move. I chose to run to the lake and see how it went from there.

I reached the woods. As I approached the lake, I saw an older man waving at me. ”Excuse me”, he said. ”Which way to the 2,5km trail?” I pointed in the direction of the trail but then he noticed the Midnattsloppet t-shirt I had on. We started chatting about races and training. This gentleman has run 20 marathons in his life and knows the ultra-legend (and idol of mine) Rune Larsson. I was very impressed, and in no hurry to start running again. He's also planning on participating in the same ultra as I, in August. We talked for about 20 minutes, and, had it not been a bit chilly, I would have gladly listened to him talk about running some more. I always find it interesting to talk to people who have been running for a long time. I certainly hope I am as active as he is when I'm a pensioner.

Our chat gave me a kick and I attacked the first 4-5 hills on the path with gusto and great determination. Then it was as if I suddenly realised what I was doing. Yesterday's 20 km hike had left me tired. No, not tired. Exhausted. My bones were tired. My muscles were tired. Every fibre in my body was tired. So I eased into a jog and ran a bit longer instead. I came home tired but content, still on a buzz from the inspirational chat. 8 kilometres richer.


  1. Sounds like a fascinating guy - what luck to run into him just when you needed a bit of motivation! Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places sometimes.

  2. He was truly something. I hope I'll get the chance to talk to him some more, if I get to run the Ultra in August...